Lampe UV/LED


500,00 kr inkl. moms

Cure Time:

10 sec colored hybrid

60 sec - Combi Pink gel (20 sec clamp)

120 sec - Dry Cover gel (20 sec clamp)

120 sec - CC Clear gel (60 sec clamp)

60 sec - Top Coat No Wipe, Rubber Top Coat

30 sec. Base gel, Rubber Base Gel

30 sec- Muli Art Gel

Contents of the package

UV / LED lamp
Lamp power supply
User manual and warranty card
User manual
Connect the adapter cable to the power source.
10S 30S 60S 90S Low heat mode

To continue working, click the timer button 10/30/60/90 seconds
The lamp will turn on automatically when you place your hand in it. Maximum timer operation with touch activation - 120 seconds.
Remove the protective foil before use.

  Technical data
Maximum power: 48W
Power supply parameters: Input: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz 1A
Dimensions: 200x170x100mm
Light band: 365 + 405mm

Please read the following points before use

Read the operating instructions before first use.
Use as intended and recommended.
Keep the device away from water.
If the timer ON / OFF button is broken, do not use it.
If you do not use the lamp for a long time, unplug the power cord.
Do not use the lamp when the power cord is not working properly.
Do not use the lamp for more than 600 seconds. This will extend the life of the device.
Looking at UV light for long periods is harmful.

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Lampe UV/LED

Lampe UV/LED


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